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316 East Taylor DeKalb, IL
(815) 206-8908
Monday – Friday 8:00am – 5:30pm
 |  Saturday & Sunday Closed

Our most ambitious classic car restoration project to date is now available as an eBook

Download our new, free, Motor Works’ GT6 Restoration eBook at right.

Table of Contents:

1) What is a GT6?: or “Vut Iz Zat
Krazy Kar?

2) A Brief Detour: “What’s the
difference between horsepower
and torque?

3) A Sneak Peak: “The Gonzo

4) History: “Trouble at the Start!”
5) The Little Things: It’s said “take care of the little things and the big
things will take care of themselves.”
Don’t believe it!
6) The Players: “Top Flight Craftsmen!”
7) The Gonzo Stuff: “Let the Games Begin!”
8) The Engine 1: “Wrenches Flying!”
9) The Engine 2: “The best laid schemes of mice and men go often
askew.” (Robert Burns 1785)
10) Humor: A Sad Story “Our lovely Triumph engine would cause instant
pandemonium from the moment the lid came off. A bar fight would
have created less damage.”
11) The Engine 3: “The devil is in the details.” (Architect Ludwig Mies van
der Rohe 1886-1969)
12) The Transmission 1: “Five speeds, no waiting”
Enter John Esposito of Quantum Mechanics LTD
13) The Transmission 2: “A slow boat from England”
14) The Interior: “Jag and Bentley ain’t got nothin’ on us!” (Marty Fay, the
owner of Motor Works, 2012; at his most eloquent)
New Electrics
15) Insulation Everywhere
Humor: “Unfortunately For Me, friends were often in short supply. I
think it had something to do with the nickname they gave me, ‘Stinky
16) British Interior Kit
17) Approaching the End……..NOT!!!!!!
18) Gallery

This is Motor Work’s largest restoration to date. It is the complete ground up rebuild of a rare 1967 Triumph GT6 MkI. What makes this project special is not just the size, scope and attention to detail. This car has an exotic list of modifications enough to make any auto enthusiast drool.