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Motor Works performs a complete stem to stern rewire on this lovely 1929 Ford Model A

This lovely 1929 Model A came to Motor Works referred by M.A.R.S. Inc., the local starter/alternator rebuilders.

We found fresh repairs from another shop to the starter, generator and battery cables, but despite the recent work our Model A still would not charge the battery. Note, the wiring throughout the car was pretty much a wreck being old and cobbled together after many clumsy repairs. It looked like we had our work cutout for us.

Mark Huff, our classic car guru started tracing wiring. Upon pulling the floor to access the battery, Mark found the battery was hooked up backwards. This old buggy was supposed to be a positive ground system with the positive battery cable going to the frame and the engine. The negative cable then divides off and feeds all the individual circuits. This is common on many classic cars and directly opposite the way modern cars are wired.

Mark pulled the floor on our green beauty, reversed the battery cables and the Model A instantly began charging the battery. YIPPIE!

The customer was so delighted with our abilities on “classic old iron”, he had us order in a complete new wiring harness and we rewired the Model A from stem to stern. Completely rewiring an old classic is a big job and we couldn’t help but be pleased this new customer trusted us with such a major repair on a car very dear to his heart.

At Motor works we understand classic cars are a matter of deep emotion. We feel exactly the same way! Our care of these irreplaceable cars reflects the most skilled craftsmanship, decades of experience, and above all passion for “great old iron.” We are as “bonkers” over classic cars as our customers.