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1973 MGB Hardtop

Coming out of storage this vehicle arrives at Motor Works with no oil pressure showing on the gauge, the battery not holding a charge and a failed speedometer. Closer inspection shows the carburetors are flooding, the front suspension is loose and the brake fluid is black. So begins our project.

First of course is the oil pressure. We installed a manual pressure gauge and ran the engine through a complete cold to warm cycle. Thanking our stars, we find the pressure is to spec and the problem is purely electrical. Replacing the oil pressure sender will make the gauge read correctly.

The battery was replaced and all terminals and connections cleaned, especially the grounds. Always clean the grounds at the chassis and engine. They may look ok, but you can easily loose over a volt (when cranking) to resistance.

Next, the speedometer. Testing shows the problem is in the speedometer head itself. These parts can’t be bought, but they can be fixed. We send off the head to Moma Instrument Repair in New Mexico (505-766-6661, ask for Margaret). They repair all types of instruments including those from nuclear power plants. The speedo came back in factory new condition.

Never a surprise, we needed to overhaul the carburetors. This includes delicate adjustments of needle height, float adjustment, idle mixture, speed and synchronization. Special note: don’t even think about overhauling carbs without draining the fuel tank, flushing the tank and lines and replacing the fuel filter.

A major tune-up with valve adjustment brought the engine back to full power and smoothness.

Suspension work, fluid flushes, and minor electrical repairs finished our project.

Our customer is so pleased with the end result; he has Motor Works listed with the Chicago MG Club as a preferred repair facility.