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1960 Porsche

Perfect 1960 Porsche 356b comes in by tow truck. It has thrown its belt and overheated. YIKES! After replacing the belt and charging the battery the car does not want to start. We tested compression and found the cylinders very low. After removing the valve covers we discovered the valve clearance closed up. This means the valves had become hot and slightly deformed creating what is called a “tulip” effect.

Very fortunately, after a careful valve adjust the motor would again start. Detailed attention to dwell, timing, and carburetion made the engine “sing” better than ever. We did have to warn the customer the valves may have been weakened by the overheating and further problems along these lines may occur in the future.

Extensive brake work rounded out our Porsche’s stay. The final product ran “smooth as silk and stopped on a dime”. The customer shortly thereafter sold this beauty. We think back to it fondly.