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Top national automotive instructor John Thornton recently spent the day at Motor Works.

Top national automotive instructor John Thornton recently spent the day at Motor Works researching a complex new engine in an Audi A4. He is also a Mobile Technician, making “house-calls” to shops requiring diagnostic assistance in the Greater Chicago area. John Thornton is considered by many in the industry to be the premier instructor-technician currently on the scene today.

My training under John started in 1983. He was on loan to Triton College from the Chicago Area General Motors Training Center. In the 30+ years since then I have taken dozens and dozens of classes from John. To name just a few, these studies include fuel injection, wiring diagram interpretation, engine design, automotive computers, oscilloscope and scanner training, diagnostics, and a host more.

Over the years John has become a treasured friend not just of myself, but of the entire Motor Works staff. His endless energy drives a brilliant intellect, an insatiable curiosity, and not least, a kind soul. I will tell you secretly that this should be enough for any man, but John (to my annoyance) pushes the envelope to near perfection with yet another quality. After 30+ years he is still tall, trim, and handsome, with nary a touch of gray hair. I mean really…. how much is a lesser mortal supposed to take? I am now shaped like a pear, have become completely gray, and am loosing what hair I have left faster than a three year old can eat the frosting off a cupcake.

This is all enough to make me want to run right out and get my hair colored. “BUT RATS!...I CAN’T! My only free time is Saturday, and that’s when all my favorite cartoons are on. Oh well, maybe next year.” (Smile!)

Loved having you over John. Take care and hope to see you soon.
Marty and the Staff