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Monday – Friday 8:00am – 5:30pm
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Fuel Pump Repair

Important Since Day One
Motor Works was established in 1984 to service DeKalb and Northern Illinois. Fuel pump diagnosis and replacement have been an important part of our business since day one. Our staff includes three ASE Master Certified Specialists.

Some Things Change, Some Things Don’t
Forty-five years ago, when I first started repairing cars professionally, fuel pumps were a common failure. Those pumps were mechanically driven by the engine, small in size, and relatively easy to replace. Some even had vacuum pumps to power the windshield wipers. No kidding! See Rain Is A Pain below.

Enter today’s electronic pumps; still hounded by the same high failure rate. Not a week goes by that Motor Works doesn’t install up to ½ dozen new units. What has changed however, is the complexity and the price. The size of a coffee can and located inside the gas tank, modern fuel pumps now cost hundreds of dollars to replace. I guess we should be thankful they no longer power the windshield wipers. (Smile!)

The Big Three: Quality, Time, And Cost
- When it comes to part quality, fuel pumps vary all over the place. We know which brands last and which brands to stay away from.
- Our suppliers realize a timely repair is critical to our customers. If the part we need is not in stock, they will retrieve it from their Chicago Warehouses on their daily parts run.
- We shop prices to get our customers the best deal on quality parts.

Schedule Today!
Motor Works’ top priority is customer satisfaction. To all the folks in DeKalb and Northern Illinois we hope you’ll let us prove it. If you would like to bring your car in for Fuel Pump Repair, please schedule an appointment online or call us at (815) 756-2882 to speak with our friendly staff.

Rain Is A Pain
I know it’s hard to believe but at one time windshield wipers were vacuum powered. Either the engine or the fuel pump supplied the vacuum. Both systems had irritating drawbacks.
- Engine vacuum wipers slowed almost to a stop when the gas pedal was more than ½ way to the floor.
- Fuel pump vacuum wipers slowed down almost to a stop with your foot off the gas pedal.

To add insult to injury, the vacuum motors that drove the wipers failed regularly. They all had rubber diaphragms that got hard, leaked and stopped working. A quick fix was to pour brake fluid into the wiper motor. This would temporarily soften the diaphragm, and renew the wiper operation.

I’m reminded of a saying I once heard that goes something like this: “Some jokes are funny once. Some jokes are funny every time.” I’ll close with the suggestion that vacuum wipers fall into the “funny once” category.