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Brake Repair

Everybody Repairs Them, Few Do It Well
Motor Works excels at performing quality brake repair. Since 1984 we have been serving DeKalb and Northern Illinois. We have three ASE Master Certified specialists on staff.

If You Can’t Stop You Don’t Dare Drive!
There is nothing more important on your car than its brakes. If you can’t stop you don’t dare drive!

Front brakes on a car are similar to those on a bicycle. On a bike you work a hand lever which causes a caliper with two small pads to grip the front wheel. On a car you step on a pedal which causes a caliper and pads to grip a flat steel disc called a rotor. This rotor is bolted to the front wheel.

How It’s Done
Repairing worn front disc brakes has to be done right. Depending on need this includes replacing pads, rotors and any worn hardware. Special antisqueel paste is applied to the backs of the pads. Pins, slides and caliper bosses are cleaned and lubed. All parts are then reassembled, torqued to spec, the vehicle is road tested and the pads are bedded in.

Performing all these steps insures the following:
1) The longest possible life from the disc pads and rotors.
2) The least possible squeel and noise.
3) True, straight stopping with no vibration or chatter.

Bringing Up The Rear
Rear drum brakes are similar to the old fashioned rear coaster brake on a bike. On both bike and car curved shoes expand to meet the inside of a drum creating the stopping force. Depending on need, the correct way to for quality repairs includes replacing shoes, wheel cylinders and any worn hardware. Backing plates and adjusters and cleaned and lubed. Drums are surfaced or replaced. All parts are reassembled and torqued to spec. The system is flushed and the vehicle final road tested.

Brake Fluid Service
Often overlooked but very important is brake fluid service. This fluid is hydroscopic (absorbs water). This corrodes the inside of expensive antilock and other system parts creating huge repair bills. It is strongly recommended to flush the old fluid and replace it with new every two years or 30,000 miles.

Schedule Today!
Customer satisfaction is our top priority. To all the folks in DeKalb and Northern Illinois we hope you’ll let us prove it. If you would like to bring your car in for brake inspection or repair, please schedule an appointment online or call us at (815) 756-2882 to speak with our friendly staff.

Cool Stuff
For more detail, an animated illustration and a movie on Disc Brakes, Drum Brakes or Power Brakes please click on the following colored NAPA Service Assistant Link. Click on Disc or Drum Brakes under the Repair Heading. Click on Power Brakes under the Preventive Maintenance Heading.
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