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316 East Taylor DeKalb, IL
(815) 206-8908
Monday – Friday 8:00am – 5:30pm
 |  Saturday & Sunday Closed

Belt & Hose Repair

A Critical Part Of Our Business Since We Opened
Motor Works has been serving their DeKalb and Northern Illinois customers since 1984; keeping them safe and on the road. Belt and hose inspection and replacement has been a critical part of that commitment since we opened. We have three ASE Master Certified Specialists on staff.

So Easy To Overlook, So Nasty If You Do!
Hoses route coolant throughout the engine compartment. Belts turn critical parts of the engine. They are both made of rubber and rubber gets old and fails. If a hose leaks coolant the engine can overheat and destroy itself. If a belt breaks the same thing can happened.

The sad truth is someone needs to look at belts and hoses on a regular basis, and almost nobody does. Nobody that is, except Motor Works. Belt and hose inspection is a regular part of the 44 Point Courtesy Check we perform free with every oil change.

“You Can Pay Me Now, Or You Can Pay Me Later”
There was an advertising slogan used years ago by Fram oil filters. It went: “You can pay me now, or you can pay me later!” It meant you can pay a little bit for preventive maintenance now or you can pay a lot for engine repairs later. This couldn’t be truer than for belts and hoses. Let Motor Works inspect your belts and hoses for free any time, and give you the straight story on whether it’s time to replace them.

Schedule Today!
Customer satisfaction is our top priority. To all the folks in DeKalb and Northern Illinois we hope you’ll let us prove it. If you would like to schedule an appointment, you can do so online or call us at (815) 756-2882 to speak with our friendly staff.

Cool Stuff
For more detail, an animated illustration and a movie on Serpentine Belts please click on the following colored NAPA Service Assistant Link, and then click on Serpentine Belts under the Preventive Maintenance Heading.
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