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Axle Repair

Repair Since 1984
Motor Works excels at axle repair. Since 1984 we have been serving DeKalb and Northern Illinois. We have three ASE Master Certified Specialists on staff.

Click, click, click and five other assorted sounds for a nickel
The way most people find out they have axle problems is when their vehicle starts to make unusual noises.

But first, what’s this strange device and second, why should you care? At its simplest, an axle is a shaft that attaches a wheel to your vehicle. You should care because if it fails, the car’s wheel can come off. At anything over 10 miles per hour, this may allow you a close, personal introduction to the nearest tree. YIKES!

Axle Noises
The most common noise is a “click, click, click” from the front of the vehicle around slow tight corners. In 99 percent of cases you are hearing a worn front axle flexible coupling. This coupling is called a CV joint. A worn CV joint will eventually break, the car will stop dead, and you’ll end up being towed.

Less common, but much more serious is the following. Have you ever heard a noise like a propeller driven airplane coming from your car? This usually occurs between 20 and 60 MPH and gets worse as you change lanes. This is the classic sound of a worn wheel bearing. Wheel bearings attach to axles and allow them to spin freely. These parts get loose and eventually fall off when the bearings fail. Remember that tree from above? YIKES AGAIN!

Schedule Today!
Motor Works’ top priority is customer satisfaction. To all the folks in DeKalb and Northern Illinois we hope you’ll let us prove it. If you would like to bring your car in for axle repair, please schedule an appointment online or call us at (815) 756-2882 to speak with our friendly staff.

Cool Stuff
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