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These Owners Have An Almost Cult-Like Fanaticism About Their Cars
Motor Works performs repair and service to a lot of Subarus. Their owners are loyal to a fault when it comes to their unique cars. These vehicles are tough, economical, drive fabulous in bad weather, and seem to live forever. We have customers with over 300,000 miles on their odometers.

President Ronald Reagan Drove a 1978 Subaru BRAT
Motor Works has been working on Subarus in DeKalb and Northern Illinois since 1984. I fondly remember the 1984 Justy; a zippy little car about the same size as the VW Rabbit.

Etched even more firmly in my mind is the tough-as-nails 1978 BRAT. This was a small 4x4 pickup that could go almost anywhere, with any load, in any weather and bring you home safe. In Motor Works’ early years many a Justy and BRAT came through our doors.

As Subaru Technology Grew, So Did Motor Works
Motor Works’ commitment to the product is unmatched by any other shop in DeKalb or Northern Illinois. We have spent countless hours training, and thousands of dollars buying factory specific tools and computer scanners. This allows us to repair and service the most modern Subarus. The staff includes three ASE Master Certified Specialists. Our dedication will allow no less. Motor Works is determined to be the Dealership Alternative!

No Service Too Little, No Repair Too Big
Motor Works offers everything from light bulbs to transmission overhauls, “check engine lights” to motor replacements. We strive to deliver the service you deserve.

Subaru owners in DeKalb and Northern Illinois choose Motor Works because of our reputation for excellence, we hope you’ll choose us too.

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If you would like to bring your Subaru in for repair or service please schedule an appointment online or call us at 815-756-2882 to speak with our friendly staff.