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Mini Cooper

Mini Cooper

Minis Hit American Roads
DeKalb and Northern Illinois saw Motor Works open its doors to the public in March, 1984. We are a one-stop-shop offering every conceivable automotive amenity. Since BMW Minis started hitting the American roads about 2002, their service and repair has been an important part of our business. Towards that end, our staff includes three ASE Master Certified Specialists.

Extensive Experience
I think BMW Minis are really neat cars. In fact I wouldn’t mind owning one. Our experience with the brand includes major repairs like replacing engines, clutches, power steering racks, window motors and controls, and much more.

Don’t let the above list cause concern about the car’s quality and strength. Consumer Reports Magazine gave the 2013 Mini Cooper its coveted Recommended rating.

To understand the connection between the British Mini and the BMW version, please see Austin Minis Win Races, Awards And Best Selling Status below.

Training And Tooling
Mini’s have very few parts in common with other BMW vehicles. Yet, these cars borrow a very impressive technological resume from their bigger cousins. It takes a major commitment in training, tooling, and special parts, to service and repair these cars properly. Motor Works’ dedication includes thousands of dollars of unique tooling and computer scanners.

From The Smallest Service To The Biggest Repair
We offer everything from light bulbs to transmission overhauls, “check engine lights” to motor replacements. We are comfortable with all the manufacturer’s models and strive to deliver the service you deserve.

Mini owners in DeKalb and Northern Illinois choose Motor Works because of our reputation for excellence, we hope you’ll choose us too.

Schedule Today!
If you would like to bring your Mini in for repair or service please schedule an appointment online or call us at 815-756-2882 to speak to our friendly staff.

Austin Minis Win Races, Awards And Best Selling Status
Production of the English Mini first began in 1959. It was marketed under different names, one of the most common of which was Austin. The car was front wheel drive, devoting 80% of its interior to passengers and luggage.

The Mini was a British icon in the 1960’s. The adjectives, cute, frugal, fun to drive, race and award winning, great steering, strong brakes, and best-selling, should do the car justice. And they do to a point, but the sum of the parts doesn’t quite equal the exquisite quality of the experience as a whole. Maybe the final definitive attribute is endearment. The emotional bond between driver and machine. The British Mini had it. The new BMW Mini does too!

Ah, let me pause here for a second. You know, I was going to elaborate on the awards, races and best-selling status just mentioned. I also had a story to tell about putting my first front-wheel-drive clutch in the Mini’s brother, an Austin America, back in 1974. But the paragraph above is so descriptive and complete, I think it best if I make a graceful exit here. Thanks for listening, Marty.