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316 East Taylor DeKalb, IL
(815) 206-8908
Monday – Friday 8:00am – 5:30pm
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Crucial To Our Business
Quality service and repair of Mercedes-Benz vehicles in DeKalb and Northern Illinois is crucial to Motor Works. We support the brand with three ASE Master Certified Specialists.

The Best Or Nothing
Mercedes-Benz marketing slogan represents a true frame of mind. Their engineers strive to implement the latest technology into the famed product line. Take the new S-Class for instance:
- It’s multi-spark, direct injected, twin turbo engine achieves 0-60 MPH in 4.8 seconds. This is more powerful than any of its closest competitors.
- The engine shuts down at stop signs to save gas.
- Its body is all aluminum.
- It has predictive braking and road sensing suspension.
- And the list goes on for days.

A personal note: I recently drove a newer E Class to diagnose a problem. The car ran great; fast, responsive, no noises, a really lovely experience. Upon opening the hood my jaw dropped in surprise, and I had to laugh. This car had a BlueTec Diesel engine, and I couldn’t tell it was a diesel by driving it. No black smoke, no turbo lag, no noise, no slow acceleration. WOW am I impressed! This is a true example of the Mercedes-Benz of today.

Unique Service Demands
These products requires special knowledge, tools and parts to repair and service properly. Constant schooling is required to keep up with their ever changing designs. These cars are so specific they require their own oils and coolants. We stock these parts along with the BlueTec Diesel fluid that gets added at every oil change. Thousands of dollars invested in tooling and scanners proves our dedication to the product. Motor Works is determined to be the Dealership Alternative.

No Service Too Little, No Repair Too Big
Motor Works offers everything from light bulbs to transmission overhauls, “check engine lights” to motor replacements. We strive to deliver the service you deserve.

Mercedes owners in DeKalb and Northern Illinois choose Motor Works because of our reputation for excellence, we hope you’ll choose us too.

Schedule Today!
If you would like to bring your Mercedes in for repair or service please schedule an appointment online or call us at 815-756-2882 to speak with our friendly staff.

An Early Reputation For Mercedes Repair
I opened the doors to Motor Works in March 1984. Within the first few weeks I was getting calls to repair Mercedes. Word seemed to get out very quickly that I was comfortable with import cars.

One of my very first jobs was replacing the camshaft in a 1969 220D (Diesel). I had known this beauty from a previous shop I worked at. It had some astronomical number of miles on it, 400,000 plus, but was ready for more with a little help. These cars were commonly used in Europe as Taxi cabs. I could write a book on its quirks, but suffice it to say it was all “old school” diesel. The car was dangerously slow when accelerating, noisy enough it was hard to hear the radio on full, hard to start (but always started), and blew black smoke out the tailpipe to the astonishment of all around. It was also lovable, impossible to kill, and safe as a tank.

A week later I put a piston in a 1967 250S for a local dealership. This car also had dual, Zenith 2 barrel downdraft carburetors which nobody seemed to be able to get working right. With considerable research and effort I finally managed to make them run crisp and sweet. The engine had marvelous “get up and go” by the time all was finished. The dealer was thrilled and my reputation established.