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Buicks From The Beginning
DeKalb and Northern Illinois saw Motor Works open its doors to the public in March, 1984. Since our first day Buick service and repair has been an important part of our business. Prior to that, from 1970 to 1983, I practiced my craft at another shop. Guess what I drove to work on my first day? Why, a Buick of course. An old, used, 63’ Buick was my very first car. Please read There’s A First Time For Everything below.

The Time Machine
The Buick brand is practically a time machine. The company was founded in 1899 and it continues to this day as the oldest, still active automotive marquee in the world.

Tools And Schools
Buicks embody GM’s latest technology. Our technicians receive constant training to stay current with these constantly changing systems. Our commitment to the brand includes thousands of dollars of unique tooling and computer scanners. In addition, we have three ASE Master Certified Specialists on staff. Motor Works is determined to be the Dealership Alternative!

From The Smallest Service To The Biggest Repair
We offer everything from light bulbs to transmission overhauls, “check engine lights” to motor replacements. We are comfortable with all the manufacturer’s models and strive to deliver the service you deserve.

Buick owners in DeKalb and Northern Illinois choose Motor Works because of our reputation for excellence, we hope you’ll choose us too.

Schedule Today!
If you would like to bring your Buick in for repair or service please schedule an appointment online or call us at 815-756-2882 to speak to our friendly staff.

There’s A First Time For Everything
Buicks have provided four automotive firsts for your humble author.

1) My very first car was a light green 1963 Buick LeSabre with a 401 CID V-8. This car had a fascinating Dynaflow automatic transmission that worked without shifting. Its internals used ultra-smooth turbine technology to transfer power instead of gears.

2) Paying for your first car is a major reality check. Towards that end, I started my career as an automotive technician at 16 years old by fixing flat tires and pumping gas for a local shop. I look back on this time in fond remembrance. Gas in 1970 was priced at .36 a gallon for regular.

3) My next first occurred as a small child. It is my earliest memory of ever riding in a car. The year was somewhere around 1957, and the car was my parent’s Buick Roadmaster. This was a beautifully sculpted car. I would later learn it was Buick’s first model to incorporate their famed VentiPorts in the front fenders. To these were added a massive straight 8 cylinder engine and Dynaflow turbine transmission. The end result was a stunning car, which drove with gobs of smooth seamless power.

4) To close, I must mention a most embarrassing first that occurred between myself and the family Buick. Being a child, and therefore largely devoid of both sense and reason, I one day noticed the push buttons on the Roadmaster’s radio. Being intrigued I began operating the buttons with wild abandon. It didn’t take terribly long for the buttons to cease operating altogether. My parents, upon finding out, decided the best course was to fix not the buttons but the button destroyer. (At my current mature age, I must applaud my parent’s wisdom in reaching this eminently fair conclusion.) Long story short, interaction between my sore posterior and any chair I decided to sit in proved more than uncomfortable for the two days following their application of the “fix”. And with that, now a much wiser man, I will close.