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Meghan Huber

Meghan Huber

Hi, this is Marty Fay, the former President of Motor Works. On April 1st, 2021, I passed the keys and the torch of ownership to Meghan Huber, my daughter. Never has a decision felt so right.

With no hint at the time, Meghan, the new President of Motor Works, started to earn her position when she was 10 years old.

“What? Huh? Aw come on,” you might say.

Meg and Jer washing a car
Above is Meghan at age 10 and her brother Jeremy at 8, washing a Fiat the shop just put a head gasket on.

Let me provide a brief history. The two Fay kids started working at Motor Works back in their most formative years. Please see the photo of Meg and Jer as kidlets washing a Fiat.

Meg’s and Jer’s schooling wasn’t planned with any specific nod to gender. Both kids were enrolled in what one would call a pre-college track, but they also took every shop, keyboarding, and computer class the school offered. I’ve always felt secondary education should prepare students to speak with authority, write concisely, figure accurately, drive a nail, fix a small engine and catch a fly ball. Then you can specialize with your basics intact.

Meghan’s career journey would begin in real estate management. And while she excelled in the field, oddly enough, pizza delivery would entice her away. As a delivery driver, Meg warmly met thousands of people in town and was amply rewarded for her honesty and hustle.

Realizing her passion for helping people Meg enrolled in nursing school. Alas, nursing was not to be. She would eventually choose to leave the program to care for her mother who was dying of cancer.

Meghan never remained far from Motor Works and witnessed the shop’s explosive growth. When we desperately needed an additional service advisor, I unhesitatingly approached Meghan. I knew she was passionate, vibrant, mechanically knowledgeable, and loved the family atmosphere. Meg said yes and fit in like she was born to do the job.

Three short years later, the thought of retirement was creeping into my tired old bones. Father and daughter, with many a late night talk, became certain Meg could carry on Motor Works’ ethics and superb customer service as its new owner.

As the new President of Motor Works, Meghan stepped up to the plate and started swinging for the fences. No sooner was the ink on the contract dry, she bought a second building and deftly moved our Classic Car Restoration Division and a new wheel alignment machine into their new home. There’s tons more.

Meg experiences a thoughtful moment before unlocking the door and starting a busy day.
Meg experiences a thoughtful moment before unlocking the door and starting a busy day.

Ok, I could continue on for hours as any proud father could. But, with respect for our readers I will close here (no cheering please) with one more thought.

I don’t know how often a retiring corporation president is in awe of the abilities of an incoming president, but the new Pres has blown the old Pres’ socks off. (I suspect with the prevailing winds they are somewhere near Trenton New Jersey along about now.)

I’m proud of you daughter.

Motor Works’ future is in great hands.

Love, Dad –

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