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AutoInc. Magazine (published by the Automotive Service Association-ASA) holds a yearly competition to find the Top Ten Automotive Websites. For 2012, Motor Works was listed in this prestigious group.

Motor Work’s Website Wins AutoInc. Magazine’s Top Ten Websites Competition

AutoInc. Magazine (published by the Automotive Service Association-ASA) holds a yearly national competition to find the Top Ten Automotive Websites. For 2012, Motor Works was listed in this prestigious group. Important note: there is no first or tenth place finish among the Top Ten Website winners. They are all considered equal. A reprint of the AutoInc. Magazine article follows with a glowing review of Motor Work’s website.

Crossing the Finish Line

Posted 1/16/2012
By Angie Kilbourne, AAM

The competition was fierce this year, but 10 websites distinguished themselves from the field.

We’ve said this before: Our job gets harder and harder each year here when reviewing automotive repair websites. This year proved to be our toughest challenge.

We have to admit, there really isn’t a bad site among the scores of entries we received this year. Each has its strengths and weaknesses, core competencies and areas of improvement to consider. That was what made this job difficult. We found we had to get really picky, and look very hard at what each offered to find this year’s Top 10.

It came down to active participation in communities, marketing efforts and social media in many cases. Each of this year’s winners clearly have done their homework on their markets and their clients, and have positioned their websites to showcase their businesses appropriately for each shop’s unique circumstances.

We were pleasantly surprised to see many of the entries have embraced mobile-friendly websites as part of their overall digital strategy. These shops have heard, and more importantly, listened to their customer base and answered the call to provide clients information through multiple touch-points. They aren’t willing to give up an inch of their advantage over the competition. So, without further ado, let’s take a look at this year’s AutoInc. Top 10 Automotive Repair Site winners.

Motor Works, DeKalb, Ill.

Motor Works takes nostalgia into the digital age with its clever website design that they manage themselves through a content management system, says Marty Fay, owner. We found the sidebar bios of the staff, scattered throughout the site, an innovative way to ensure visitors get a more personal look at the people servicing their vehicles – an important aspect for shops to ensure success in today’s age.

What was most refreshing was the online blog, “The ABC’s of Motor Works,” that provides more than just shop specials of the month. Don’t be mistaken, the info is there, but clients are also provided with a great array of industry news, interesting information and features of the shop as well as the community.

And be sure to stop by the Classic Cars section, where they show off some of their best work for the locals who drive those special vehicles that need the extra tender loving care.

We were also glad to see Motor Works at the top of the list in local search; it’s obvious this recent redesign is working for them in all the right ways.

Judging Criteria
Qualified websites were evaluated using predetermined guidelines to evaluate specific features of each site uniformly based on the following criteria:
First impression
Visual design
Consumer friendliness
Encouraging action
Social networking

Motor Works wishes to thank the ASA and AutoInc. Magazine for permission to reprint their article Crossing the Finish Line from the January 2012 issue.